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Terms & Condition


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BANK NAME: National Australia Bank
ACCOUNT NAME: Alexander Serafim Gunn
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Acct No: 33-936-0523

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1) On successful payment of invoice you / client / payee agrees to;

- all terms & conditions stated on invoice/s provided to them via electronic invoice and contract, here online www.alexanderserafimgunn.com.au/terms-conditions (if link is offline then the details in electronic invoice emailed or contract signed by all parties will take precedence).

- agrees to that by paying the sums shown on invoice, to receive deliverables offered in invoice. Invoice will state the specifications, services and features offered for the monies received and transferred by you the customer/client. The invoice will also state the time frame the project or service will be delivered in.  agrees to the Alexander Serafim Gunn refund and cancellation policy which is written below;

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Change of Mind

Refunds are provided minus any deposits paid. Refunds will be provided on basis that 48 hours’ notice is given by client.

Consumer Guarantees

There are three consumer guarantees that apply to services purchased by the Client:

•    The supplier guarantees that the services are provided with due care and skill.

•    The supplier guarantees that the services are provided for any specified purpose.

•    The supplier guarantees that the services are provided within a reasonable time.

Consumer guarantees cannot be excluded and are in addition to any extended warranty purchased by the Client or any voluntary warranty (warranty against defects) provided to the Client.

There may be circumstances where the Client is not entitled to a remedy.
For further information about the Australian Consumer Law and consumer guarantees, visit

The Client’s Rights Under the Australian Consumer Law

All services provided in Australia come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. A consumer has the right to a remedy if the services do not meet a consumer guarantee. The consumer guarantees apply to both major (serious) and minor problems. The type of remedy, and who must provide it, will depend on the problem and which consumer guarantee was not met. Gift recipients have the same rights as a consumer who has bought goods directly.

Refunds & Exchange

Refunds & / or Exchange will be made by Alexander Serafim Gunn via the method of payment the Client used to make his/her purchase, OR via Bank Transfer / Deposit. Refunds & / or Exchange will normally be processed within seven (7) days.

If a refund is paid, the refund will be paid in full minus any cost's for work already actioned. If an Exchange is made it will be done so to that value that is appropriate, minus any amount that was incurred by work action on plan, product or service.